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The Backdoor Gallery's Gift Boutique. 

Handmade gifts by local artisans and

tchotchkes from around the world.

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Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm! 


The Backdoor Gallery offers wide range of classes and workshops!  Whether it be art classes, yoga, or even a workshop on creating living wreaths, the Backdoor Gallery has you covered!  All ages and levels welcome.  Click the link above to see the full details!  


There is always something new an exciting happening at the Backdoor Gallery!  Check out our latest updates and upcoming events by clicking the above link!  


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What's happenin' in tHE Gallery...

Interested in learning more about the great events taking place at The Backdoor Gallery?  Keep an eye out below for all the updates!

Ours, Yours, Mine:  The Collaborative and Individual Works of Deborah Elaine & Gary Duquette.  Ongoing through July 25th.  Come Saturday,July 19th for an artist talk at 5:30!  The entire event starts at 5:00 pm and goes until 7:00 pm--don't miss your chance to hear the artists speak and meet them yourselves!  Free and perfect for the whole family! 


The Backdoor Gallery was started in 2009 as a small, back-room gallery.  Find out how we've grown through the years and what our mission is within the Fredericksburg art community.